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Your Stuff

As Standard we provide a 14 Box Packing Kit which stores up to 1 cubic metre.

Here are some extras you may require

Collect from my room £25
Can you take my bike please £20
3 Extra Suitcases (up to 20Kg each) £60
Extra Suitcase (up to 20Kg) £20
2 Extra Suitcases (up to 20Kg each) £40
Add 1 Additional 12 Box Packing Kit and 1 Cubic Metre of Storage £200

If you have any other additional items, please add them to the comments section below

Value of Goods


• Packing kits are delivered by courier anytime between 0830 and 1730 on your selected day
• Please note that packing kits cannot be delivered on Bank Holidays
• If you live in student accommodation, packing kits will be delivered to reception, so please remember to check there

Box Collection

Collection Address - where your stuff is now
(MAINLAND UK ONLY - Contact Us for International)


Ok, so no you've given us your address details and picked date for your packing kit delivery, let's pick a collection date...


• Yes, I confirm I have read the Unimove Terms And Conditions
• I understand that our standard student package is up to 1 cubic metre
• I understand that by booking and paying for my boxes to be collected/stored, I am committing to booking my box re-delivery using the same process. Collection and re-delivery are one package even though I may be paying for them at separate times.
• I understand that additional items will incur a one-off excess baggage charge of £20 per additional item. Excess baggage charges are payable prior to re-delivery.
• I understand that no single item should weigh more than 20kg.
• I understand that the Unimove team reserve the right to refuse to move any item on any grounds (be it legal, health and safety or any other reasonable grounds) at our discretion.
• I understand that standard collection is from the car park, or nearest doorway to the car park. Collection from the room (room service) is a one-off additional £25 charge, as shown on the booking form.
• I understand that, if I cancel my booking, giving at least 3 days notice, the cancellation fee is £55 (the cost of the delivered packing kit).
• I understand that I am responsible for any damages should it be due to poor packing.
• I understand that, if I cancel, with less than 3 days notice, or fail to be present on the day, the cancellation fee is equal to 90% of the total charge, as per Unimove Terms And Conditions.